Cash to Cash

Delivering Admirable Amenity

We Boza Remittance eases the overseas remittance process by offering a great cozy customer experience. We make the long steps with minimal inputs required from the sender’s end and complete the process more efficient for the receiver as well.
As an established expert in Brunei Remittance, our team serves the best money transfer methods following global standards with incredible money remittance rates. To offer primal support, we remit your money through our leading Cash to Cash remittance services.
cash to cash services

Caring at our Counters

Boza Remittance simplifies the step of sending money to your family, friends, business and paying bills internationally. Remitting money made it comfier when using cash to cash transactions. The sender is now able to do payments without using any debit or credit card, cheque or direct bank transfer practices. Reach out to our cash counter, we request your details such as Full name, Local residence address, the purpose of remittance and then after successful sharing of details, it is all set to pay the cash to your foreign receiver.